Entrevista a André Lage

Escrito por André Lage - 27/08/2015

My name is André Lage, I am Portuguese but living in Basel, Switzerland.

I am Solution Manager of Swiss company call Processlynx with 25 persons over my management from different countries and languages > 8, with creation of Solutions (SharePoint, Office 365, Web Base Solutions and Mobile). I have multiple SharePoint certifications and when the opportunity is provided and time I like to share my knowledge of this platform in my blog or SharePoint/Office 365 public events.

I am SharePoint MVP since 2010 and this give me opportunity to meet and talk with some many people around the world and new friends with different views, Business approaches and capabilities.

I also love to support the Office 365 team with the transition from Full trust code to Office 365 Apps creating samples in the office 365 practices and patterns (PnP).

SharePoint was the product on fire in 2006 and 2007 was the turning point to became the intranet Product, was crazy times and start to deeply search everything about the product and their features and every time more amaze what we could do, was a fully integrated solution with Microsoft Products and other platforms and saw the growth to the Cloud (Azure Platform and Office 365) with even more capabilities in 10 years it’s is just incredible a total revolution and transition on how we deal with IT.

¿Por qué y cómo empezaste en el mundo de la tecnología?

Spectrum was definitely the turning point, I remember exploring a Spectrum magazine with some basic command and I created a circle with a line in the middle and planet Saturn was born in my TV screen, I automatically saw the potential in my hands.

After this event computers and IT continues to be part of my life and explorer with my father other commercial applications like Lotus 123 and making my first network connection with an Olivetti in the beginnings of 90's for stock management.

Constant investment in Business solution provide me the ability to have dipper knowledge of different business where my family was involve and provide me a lot of real world Human Behavior, you can have the best tool in the world but will not work by himself "yet".

¿Cuáles son tus principales actividades tecnológicas hoy en día?

Manage Multinational teams/projects with different worldwide projects and technologies involving SharePoint, Azure, Office 365 and developing of Solution like BI tools, Office 365 Apps and transition from full trust code to Office Apps, PKI Solutions and Office 365 security validation and Java Solutions.

¿Cuáles son tus principales actividades NO tecnológicas hoy en día?

Read about history, the best way to prepare the future is to read how people react with challenges and how it's always repeating, history it's all about properties, conditions and dependencies that affects all in every decision we take, can be personal life or IT.

¿Cuáles son tus hobbies?

I love to hike with my family in the Swiss Alps and bike in the countryside.

¿Cuál es tu visión de futuro en la tecnología de acá a los próximos años?

I can easily see in the next 5 years a huge growth in integration of Hybrid environments/Solutions and consolidation of Products created by ISV to be prepared for the Cloud, with the integration of on premise solution with Web API connector and multiple Identities with security associated, in the Cloud Solution like Office 365 or Azure (Security validation will be critical and with huge potential grow of market with a huge leak of real experts).


André Lage
Microsoft SharePoint MVP
Blog: http://aaclage.blogspot.ch/

Twitter: aaclage